Why Vehicle Wraps?

Larger than life.


Vehicle Wraps allows you to display your logo on one or every side of your vehicle allowing for your logo to travel everywhere you do. The average person drives their vehicle daily, meaning your logo would be seen every day, at all hours, by the people living in Danville and the surrounding areas. Vehicle Wraps creates the perfect moving billboard that guarantees exposure everywhere you go. Billboards are becoming a thing of the past and can often be ignored or overlooked, with a head turning vehicle wrap there’s no way your logo or brand will go unnoticed.

Not looking for an advertising method? Vehicle wraps allows you to customize an attention grabbing design to make your vehicle stand out from the rest no matter where you travel. Allow us to bring your personality and interests to life with unique, customized designs. If you’re used to being the center of attention, why not allow your vehicle to become the same.


Advertising through vehicle wraps is the key to reaching as many people as possible in the most cost effective way. Vehicle wraps are a fraction of the cost of other advertising methods and a good vehicle design can last for years. A great wrap can be seen by thousands of people per day which is an unbelievable return on your money spent, instead of paying monthly for spaces in newspapers or billboards. You can’t beat paying a onetime cost for your design that will be seen and read by thousands of people for years to come.

The cost of advertising isn’t the only way to save on costs. Your vehicle can be damaged in many ways. Sun and weather exposure can leave spots of faded or peeling paint, vandalism leading to scratches and dents can also lead to peeling paint. Instead of paying thousands in a new paint job you can cut the cost with vehicle wraps. Wraps will cover the peeling, fading, and scratches without adding any further damage in the process or upon removal. You can add designs and patterns or stick with a full color cover at for half the price of a new paint job.


Vehicle wraps are temporary and last as long as you want them to. Wraps allow for any color, pattern, or design choice. These designs can consist of any kind of imagery, photos, or graphics that you want. Vehicle wrap colors can be a full color in matte, satin, or gloss finishes along with a chrome, or carbon fiber appearance. You aren’t limited to a full body cover, you can use these color and design options on vehicle features such as: trims, hoods, roofs, trunks, and so on. Wraps can be used on cars, trucks, bikes, trailers, and so on. The possibilities are endless. If you rebrand or create a new graphic you can have it easily removed and rewrapped with your new design. A traditional paint job can’t achieve all that.

With a thicker design, vehicle wraps can also be used to preserve paint jobs that lie underneath, like a cover. This cover prevents damage from weather or sun beating on the paint, or from small scratches and dents. When removed properly and by professionals the wraps won’t leave any residue behind or peel any preexisting paint or clear coat with it.

Exceeding expectations.

When thinking about how to advertise your brand or company you should look for a service or product that is larger than life and willing to exceed every expectation with precision and professionalism. SOVA can do that for you. Vehicle wraps allows you to express your business, sponsors, or yourself in the way you want on every type of vehicle from trucks to trailers.